Farewell Quentin Coldwater.

I'm gonna need a minute with the whole Quentin thing on. #themagicians. I hard as I rolled with team Q&A I see the outrage about the writers teasing Quentin and Elliot. The outrage I've seen so far is AMAZING so it will be interesting to see how they address it this week and into season 5.

I'm more “thrown” because Quentin was my dude. Nerdy, quiet, no confidence, likes to escape reality. Even with four seasons of the writers beating into our heads how insignificant and cowardly Quentin was I loved the core of who Q was. His maturity and and growth was fun to watch. Even though Alice has the most potential, Margo is just the ultimate bad ass, Julia is powerful, Q fit in.

I'm gonna miss Q a lot on the show. I have some real motivation to finish the books now.