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Listen. Even though this show is nearly 50 years old, I will watch any episode of The Bionic Woman any day of the year. And don't let Max the German Shepherd or Bigfoot be in the episode.

It's a wonder how I wasn't held for observation as a child for running in slow motion making the “ba na na na na” noise when I ran.

Whew! That's a tough choice. New Edition and Janet Jackson are two of my five favorite actors if all time. But Baby-face, Luther, and Whitney Houston in one concert? Damn! Plus stage the still a slapper.

The industry almost got me. The Marvels was not bad at all. Was it MCU top five? No. Not close. But it was way better than the average MCU movie. Mz. Marvel is a bit young acting for my taste, but she is the heart that makes the story go and helps the other two characters be vulnerable enough to resolve their differences. I think everyone wants every Marvel movie to be Endgame or The Winter Solider, and that just isn't going to happen. I do think the 90+ minute run time keep the movie tight and on task.

Let that movie live though. It is worth a watch. Especially at home.

One thing I missed K-12 school for is Black History Month. At least when I was a kid. Black History Month so such a big deal back then. Opposed to be a old guy now and going the first eight hours of February 1st and not hearing a single reference to it. Well, I’m going to try and think of it myself and make it a big deal.

James Baldwin was a traumatic figure in my high school years. Being that was the age my school system probably felt comfortable allowing us to read his material. And with Giovanni’s Room being the first book I read of his, I could see their point. Even in the 1980s, society was so overtly homophobic. So reading a story about a man falling in love with another man hard to deal with. I’d never read anything like that before. I struggled reading that book like with nothing I ever read in the past. For context, I was so afraid of homosexuality, I refused to go down the Greenwich Village in the 1980s and early 1990s for fear of, I don't know, some gay rubbing off on me or something. Again, was a different time and different me.

After a quick break from reading the book, I told myself I had to finish reading it. I mean, I really had to for the grade. But I'm glad I did. After getting over my blind bias, I realized that taking the genders out, it was just a story of love and discovery. Someone learning to be true to themselves through adversity. Coming to terms with that helped me reading another of Mr. Baldwin's works (the play Blues for Mr. Charlie) that became one of my favorite stories. And now as an adult, I'm addicted listening to Mr. Baldwin's talks on race and class. I'm even starting to read his essays on the same subjects.

James Baldwin was such a trailblazer. A voice against oppression on so many levels.

Why am I today years old finding out about about the Hulk Hogan Double Dragon mod? This would have been important information in my early teens.

Comfort Movies

  1. Tombstone (I'll be your huckleberry)
  2. The Long Kiss Goodnight
  3. Goodfellas
  4. Grandma's Boy
  5. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  6. House Party

Honorable mention Boomerang

Banded Books in School

When I was in high school my English teacher (Mr Frye) made me read Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin. It was one of the hardest, most awkward experiences of my young life. I was so homophobic back then I had to take a two month break from it before I went back to it. And as I look back, it was probably one of the most enriching moments of my scholastic life.

We have to stop being afraid to be exposed to diverse stories. How can he be empathetic to our fellow humans if we from a young age think it's dirty and wrong to be them? Lgbtq+ persons love like heterosexual people love. Muslims hope and live like Christians. Russians want a fair and safe life like Americans. And the only way we can be receptive to these realities is to be exposed to them at young ages.

Banded books create a pure nationalistic view of the world that only serves to let people who don't fit that image know there is no place for them.

Game of the devil

Don't play this game. All you thoughts will be spent on this game if you do. And if you thought regular IRL Monopoly could end friendships, Monopoly Go will obliterate all relationship real or virtual.

10 Year Challenge

Have to say this is a little unfair. Camera technology on mobile phones wasn't as good as it is today where the optics and algorithms and far less forgiving. Is weird to see how my vitiligo has progressed.

Hard Truths Every time I log into Spill, I realize how uncool I’ve been my whole life. It’s like a whole social network of cool people talking in coded cool language to keep people like me out. Need to keep to my group chats and be happy.