40 something geeky dad

So I actually really happy with my Python/Flask tinkering up to now. I've been able to manipulate a couple of different datasets around to product output and use logic to change it depending on different criteria. A lot further along that I thought I would be by now. I am trying to think if I should do a separate Flask lesson each week and incorporate basic python lessons each day to incorporate into that lesson. That way I'm learning flask but hammering python each week. Guess I'll figure out eventually.

Google for the first time I can remember changed the doodle to something not Google. I'm sure there is a public relations slant to the message. But in this polarized political environment we live in any positive messages are welcome. Less dogma and more action. As long as everyone votes without any tricks or threat of violence the better.

In my limited research of testing out REST APIs to use for web programming I've found that looking for free is hard. I've found a couple cool ones. Phases of the moon, limited weather info. Even converting coordinates into zipcodes. But I can't find a good use for that just now. But phases of the moon I can work with.

I would like to be able to get my favorite NBA team's latest score and show how my mood is depending on if they won or not. But most the good sports APIs cost ###SO MUCH MONEY### a month. The cheapest one was like $90 US a month. I guess I could combine two I saw the get about the same thing for free. One was a fantasy sports site that had the team game schedules. And the other had a limit of 250 calls a day. But if I only count the last game result and let that be my mood until the day after the latest game that could work. Will need to store the API result somewhere so I can cache it. But I can do that with just saving the result into a simple file. I think I can manage that and the program logic to refresh the result after 6 AM GMT -5 in case the game goes past midnight.

After that I want to post my last Mastodon post and what shows I've been watching. I have an idea how to do both but I'm not sure how hard it will be. Then comes the hard part. Making it look “decent”. Fingers crossed.

You know what sucks about being out of shape. The utter lack of urgency to get back into shape. You body gets so use to being abused and neglected that the idea of getting healthy feels crazy and impossible. I know everything I need to do to turn my body and health around. But sugar and McDonald's taste so good. Doing something good should not be this hard.

I also need to be active. Way more active. I'm thinking three to five miles twice a day would be a good start. Although the thought of that much walking on my knees does scare me a bit. But I have to make some changes now. And I'll deal with the damage later.

I've never been a Dick Wolf-verse fan. Never got into Law and Order in any incarnation. Although I do like Ice Tea in SVU. The Chicago shows I like because now its just one 3 hour episode every week. Plus Hank is that beast. But they aren't something I felt I had to watch every week. But this new show FBI on CBS is pretty dang good. I mean don't get me wrong. It is still a bit over exaggerated. Like a Honduras gang with ties into all jails bombs a building because of ties with a white supremacist demagogue. Most the episodes still have cleanly wrapped up endings. But its CBS. Can't have the bad guys win on CBS.

On a side note I have a real weekend coming up. It isn't on the weekend but its two days in a row. And I can't wait!!! I know I will have to do cleaning a laundry. But I have two straight days to get some sleep and focus on my programming and think of stupid stuff to write about. Feels like heaven. Back when I first started working I would get maybe 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night because I was up late researching stuff. Installing Linux on old computers and virtual machines. Installing Apache web servers, mail servers, uPNP servers, transcoders, blah blah blah. If it was tech I was trying it out. Now at my age it feels like I am paying for all those hours I missed in my 20s. Part of it is my fault. When you are tired the bed is not the best place to work from. Actually outside of a flood basin or an active volcano it is probably the worst. And I could just go downstairs and work from the kitchen table. But I didn't major in maturity.

Election day in America is on Tuesday which should be fun. I think voter turnout will be larger than expected. I have personal political leanings but I just want people to vote. Just everybody vote. If conservatives win after that then at least we can't question it. If liberals win then we know people don't really want to vote against their own interest and can look past all the fear based ranting out there. I just want people to vote period. Let things fall where they may after that.

I was talking to my two best friends on or off the net about TV today. Or at least what passes for TV anyway. There is just so much on now and so many ways to watch it. Being an 80s kid for the most part I can remember and time even before FOX became the fourth network. It was so easy. In New York City during the 80s there was channel 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5(FOX), and 7(ABC). If you wanted repeats and cartoons during the afternoon you had channels 9 (WWOR) and 11 (WPIX). Back in the day 9 was for Mets games and 11 was Yankees. If you have a feel for anything from Sesame Street to Masterpiece Theater you had the local PBS channel on channel 13. And then famously we had the local UHF channel that played Video Music Box on channel 31 I think. How we all didn't have carpal tunnel back then turning that damn knob all the time.

Later one we had cable but it wasn't really that many more channels. Not like the hundreds of channels we have now. But the way things are going cable might look as out of date as over the air looked. Just to go over all the services I have at least tried over the last 18 months you have:

  1. Netflix
  2. Hulu
  3. YouTube
  4. YouTube ~Red~ Premium
  5. YouTube TV
  6. Sling.TV
  7. Pluto TV
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. (more expensive Crunchroll)
  10. Funimation
  11. HBO NOW
  12. Starz
  13. Showtime
  14. DC Universe

So many choices. And so many shows. I use to use an app to keep track of what came on and when. But now it is too much work to even enter all the shows into the app. I can see the appeal now of watching shows months after the fact now. Something that I use to think was so crazy but who doesn't want to see a show with millions of other people as soon as it has been released. And it isn't so much about not having the time. I can find time if I need to. Its just the energy. Can you believe that? Watching TV takes more energy than I have most days now.

What a crazy upside down world we live in.

Ugh! My usual line is always Sleep Is Overrated. But I could us some right now. Life post Google+ is a cold and lonely one. Not that I think I'm in the right frame of mind to be all social anymore. I've accepted the fact that I like communicating with cadre of like minded individuals. It was fun broadcasting my attempts at being noticed to give my actions some higher meaning and purpose. But in the end I just wanted to scream into the void and hope to hear something back.

The problem with screaming though is you can drown out those trying to scream back at you. I'm a horrible friend to a degree. So numb and engrossed with my own crap that I fail to actively be there for those who I'm lucky enough to have in my life. I kind of have a 2.5 mile radius of attention it seems. Anything further away than that and I shutdown. It matches my 2.5 minute attention span it seems. But I guess I can start working on those 2019 resolutions while the iron is hot. Better friend, better person, more focused, blah blah blah.

I am excited I'm finally getting the hang of some advanced topics in Python 3 and Flask. Just have to keep doing incremental things to improve and not wishing I can create whole apps and getting discouraged when I get in over my head. Depression and impatience is a terrible combination. Anyhow here is to getting something done. Who know blogging would be my way to relax? How 2006 of me.