Harder Than I Thought

I have to honestly say I'm down. It is embarrassing to admit that at my age the passing of someone I don't know and have never met would affect me so much. And I'm really trying to crystallize what has thrown me for such a loop. Initially I thought it was his daughter passing with him. The horror and helpless feelings he must have had gone though. Being a parent that really to be honest scared me.

But again the idea of Kobe dying feels like it threw me hard when I think about it more. To say Mr. Bryant was a work in progress is an understatement. By no means do I think he was perfect. But seeing his journey over this adult life was an experience. How a young man with more world experience than most American's can dream of went from being so tunnel visioned and to a degree conservative to a open minded and wise father of four who was probably more hungry for success at age 41 than he was at age 21. Again he had more than a few bumps in his maturation process. But he seemed always able to learn and auto-correct.

Kobe had attributes I so want to emulate in my life. Tenacity, focus, fearlessness to name a few. He was seemingly incapable of being defeated mentally. Feels like a shame that we won't be able to see how much further Kobe could go in life.