Umbrella Academy – That Was Interesting (The Umbrella Academy image from Wikipedia)[]

The good thing about the streaming service content wars is a lot of shows are getting made that would not ever see the light of day ten years ago. Not even no HBO or Showtime. And being a comic book and Science Fiction fan this is like heaven to me. So of course I had to binge The Umbrella Academy in three days. So let me start of saying that I really really liked the series. The take on a super hero team that is raised for children to defend humanity and the trauma that must face as they grow into adulthood is very interesting. Even though we are only giving a glimpse into events that happened in their past we see enough to understand why the team is so damaged. I have thoughts though. Maybe even questions.

  1. The Horror I've seen some online reviews that state number 6 is much more present in the series than the comic. Which is cool. I'm still dying to see what his fate was that lead him to his current state. It seems to have been a defining moment for the whole team. So I hope is it addressed at some point. At least let it be an animated short.

  2. Cha Cha and Hazel I need Cha Cha and Hazel to have their own spin-off. So much of their backstory is left unsaid. But the little bit they show is so entertaining. And just when you think one has come humanity and compassion BANG, more murder.

  3. The Doughnut Lady It is strange for a super hero series to not have many real good guys. Most characters are flawed, damaged or both in The Umbrella Academy. But no one is as good or pure as Agnes. I actually found myself cheering for Hazel to not be a super strong murderous monster and make Agnes happy. I do hope they find a way to fit their story into the sequel series.