I've never been a Dick Wolf-verse fan. Never got into Law and Order in any incarnation. Although I do like Ice Tea in SVU. The Chicago shows I like because now its just one 3 hour episode every week. Plus Hank is that beast. But they aren't something I felt I had to watch every week. But this new show FBI on CBS is pretty dang good. I mean don't get me wrong. It is still a bit over exaggerated. Like a Honduras gang with ties into all jails bombs a building because of ties with a white supremacist demagogue. Most the episodes still have cleanly wrapped up endings. But its CBS. Can't have the bad guys win on CBS.

On a side note I have a real weekend coming up. It isn't on the weekend but its two days in a row. And I can't wait!!! I know I will have to do cleaning a laundry. But I have two straight days to get some sleep and focus on my programming and think of stupid stuff to write about. Feels like heaven. Back when I first started working I would get maybe 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night because I was up late researching stuff. Installing Linux on old computers and virtual machines. Installing Apache web servers, mail servers, uPNP servers, transcoders, blah blah blah. If it was tech I was trying it out. Now at my age it feels like I am paying for all those hours I missed in my 20s. Part of it is my fault. When you are tired the bed is not the best place to work from. Actually outside of a flood basin or an active volcano it is probably the worst. And I could just go downstairs and work from the kitchen table. But I didn't major in maturity.

Election day in America is on Tuesday which should be fun. I think voter turnout will be larger than expected. I have personal political leanings but I just want people to vote. Just everybody vote. If conservatives win after that then at least we can't question it. If liberals win then we know people don't really want to vote against their own interest and can look past all the fear based ranting out there. I just want people to vote period. Let things fall where they may after that.