In my limited research of testing out REST APIs to use for web programming I've found that looking for free is hard. I've found a couple cool ones. Phases of the moon, limited weather info. Even converting coordinates into zipcodes. But I can't find a good use for that just now. But phases of the moon I can work with.

I would like to be able to get my favorite NBA team's latest score and show how my mood is depending on if they won or not. But most the good sports APIs cost ###SO MUCH MONEY### a month. The cheapest one was like $90 US a month. I guess I could combine two I saw the get about the same thing for free. One was a fantasy sports site that had the team game schedules. And the other had a limit of 250 calls a day. But if I only count the last game result and let that be my mood until the day after the latest game that could work. Will need to store the API result somewhere so I can cache it. But I can do that with just saving the result into a simple file. I think I can manage that and the program logic to refresh the result after 6 AM GMT -5 in case the game goes past midnight.

After that I want to post my last Mastodon post and what shows I've been watching. I have an idea how to do both but I'm not sure how hard it will be. Then comes the hard part. Making it look “decent”. Fingers crossed.