I was talking to my two best friends on or off the net about TV today. Or at least what passes for TV anyway. There is just so much on now and so many ways to watch it. Being an 80s kid for the most part I can remember and time even before FOX became the fourth network. It was so easy. In New York City during the 80s there was channel 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5(FOX), and 7(ABC). If you wanted repeats and cartoons during the afternoon you had channels 9 (WWOR) and 11 (WPIX). Back in the day 9 was for Mets games and 11 was Yankees. If you have a feel for anything from Sesame Street to Masterpiece Theater you had the local PBS channel on channel 13. And then famously we had the local UHF channel that played Video Music Box on channel 31 I think. How we all didn't have carpal tunnel back then turning that damn knob all the time.

Later one we had cable but it wasn't really that many more channels. Not like the hundreds of channels we have now. But the way things are going cable might look as out of date as over the air looked. Just to go over all the services I have at least tried over the last 18 months you have:

  1. Netflix
  2. Hulu
  3. YouTube
  4. YouTube ~Red~ Premium
  5. YouTube TV
  6. Sling.TV
  7. Pluto TV
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. Vrv.co (more expensive Crunchroll)
  10. Funimation
  11. HBO NOW
  12. Starz
  13. Showtime
  14. DC Universe

So many choices. And so many shows. I use to use an app to keep track of what came on and when. But now it is too much work to even enter all the shows into the app. I can see the appeal now of watching shows months after the fact now. Something that I use to think was so crazy but who doesn't want to see a show with millions of other people as soon as it has been released. And it isn't so much about not having the time. I can find time if I need to. Its just the energy. Can you believe that? Watching TV takes more energy than I have most days now.

What a crazy upside down world we live in.