Ugh! My usual line is always Sleep Is Overrated. But I could us some right now. Life post Google+ is a cold and lonely one. Not that I think I'm in the right frame of mind to be all social anymore. I've accepted the fact that I like communicating with cadre of like minded individuals. It was fun broadcasting my attempts at being noticed to give my actions some higher meaning and purpose. But in the end I just wanted to scream into the void and hope to hear something back.

The problem with screaming though is you can drown out those trying to scream back at you. I'm a horrible friend to a degree. So numb and engrossed with my own crap that I fail to actively be there for those who I'm lucky enough to have in my life. I kind of have a 2.5 mile radius of attention it seems. Anything further away than that and I shutdown. It matches my 2.5 minute attention span it seems. But I guess I can start working on those 2019 resolutions while the iron is hot. Better friend, better person, more focused, blah blah blah.

I am excited I'm finally getting the hang of some advanced topics in Python 3 and Flask. Just have to keep doing incremental things to improve and not wishing I can create whole apps and getting discouraged when I get in over my head. Depression and impatience is a terrible combination. Anyhow here is to getting something done. Who know blogging would be my way to relax? How 2006 of me.