So I voted. In the most conservative county in my state. A state that has a republican governor. Yet I voted. And I'm happy I did. When it comes down to it lessons have to be learned from 2016. For good or bad people have to vote for their wants to be counted. Call me naive but I believe that most people want the same things. Fair pay, good schools, healthcare. If we come together and vote in-mass most of these issues can be solved. I mean we have to believe that there are more good guys than not good guys in the world right?

But I digress

Took my first Uber ride with the kids last night. Was interesting. Mostly because there were only Uber X and XL cars available. Which I guess is okay. But my first request failed for a driver due to an app misconfiguration on my part. But when I tried again the price when up by $3 US. Did you create a demand of two that initiated a surge price? Sucks. But the driver was nice and safe. And the boys were ever so happy to not have to take the bus. I would have taken pictures but ... teenagers.

There was a time I would snap quick pics of every first experience. Now with the boys so cool and me so not cool in their eyes they run from me everytime I pull out my phone to capture a moment. Amazing how fast things change. I mean they are great kids. Just the right amount of pain in my ass. Well sometimes they excel in being a pain in my ass. But still good kids. Just interesting how quickly they become not kids and just you children with their own lives and personalities and desires. Who would have every thought the days where you had a second (and third) shadow would be missed. Emotions suck.