Did you know that the secret to the true nature of the universe is hidden within the simple task of laundry? People foolishly believe that we were created in the image of some super deity in his or hers own image. That they created the heaven and Earth for our pleasure and shunned us for the unforgivable mistake sin of knowledge. But all that is wrong. We are created for the sole purpose of washing and folding socks. That is all. We wear then and then wash them and must mourn their loss when escape to the one and only afterlife that contains all the mismatch socks ever created. And if we ever choose to not give full tribute and fold them properly we end up cursed forever. That is how crazy someone can go when they decided to fold socks for the first time in months. I'm one step away from throwing every sock away in the house and just buying all new ones. Everybody can just get socks for Christmas early.

Been in a programming slump the last few days. Laundry derailed me today. But mostly I've been hitting a wall in just sitting down and focusing. Think I'm going give it 20 minutes tonight so at least I feel like I'm doing something. Then I'm going to try to put in a solid hour or so each day this weekend. Also need to find a simple theme so I can finally create my web page with a few simple functions to it. I have the temperature and time of day working just fine. I just have to figure out the best way to cache the information so I don't get close to going over my free API call limit. Which shouldn't be too hard. Probably will save it to a file and refresh it every 15 minutes or so. It isn't like people will be using it to check their local weather. And I have a little blurb that will tell when the next full moon is. Maybe I might set something up to show a viewer the full moons in a given month. Or even what phase of the moon they were born on.

I want to still add the last three watched TV shows from my Trakt history. But that API is a bit over my head still. After I watch my videos for the week that might be what I focus on. Well. Onward and whatever.